2023 McHenry County Amateur Men’s Golf Tournament


The following policies and procedures are in effect for all competitors in the McHenry County Amateur Men’s Golf Tournament:


The McHenry County Amateur (MCA) takes great pride in the quality of its players, host facilities and the level of tournament experience it provides. In order to continue making this tournament enjoyable for everyone, all participants must adhere to the code of conduct listed below.


Any of the following actions by a competitor event constitutes a violation of the McHenry County Amateur Code of Conduct:

• Unsportsmanlike conduct, including abusive language, cheating, club throwing, disrespect to volunteers, officials or fellow competitors, or abuse of golf course property

• Not adhering to the tournament dress code or dress code of the host golf course

• Conduct not becoming of a player, such as acting in anger or creating other distractions

• Physical abuse, threat of physical abuse or verbal abuse, slander or libel towards other players, spectators, sponsors, host golf course staff or members, McHenry County Amateur staff or volunteers in any medium


In situations regarding violations of the MCA Code of Conduct, it is the policy of the MCA to address all disciplinary communication directly with the MCA competitor.

It is the policy of the MCA that MCA staff under no circumstances will discuss any suspension, disciplinary action or penalty incurred by ANY competitor with anyone other than that penalized competitor.


Code of conduct violations must be either witnessed first-hand by a member of the MCA Staff or reported by a competitor of the event’s active field within 24 hours of the close of competition of the event in order for the alleged violation to be investigated by staff.


If a severe breach of the Code of Conduct occurs a penalty or disqualification may be in order.  All decisions made by the MCA Tournament Director shall be final.

Violation of the MCA Code of Conduct may affect a player’s eligibility for future MCA tournaments.


Participation in the MCA signifies the competitor understands and agree to adhere to the Code of Conduct. MCA participation also signifies the player’s agreement of the use of their name and likeness for publicity and promotional purposes.


In the event of a tie for 1st  place in all events, a hole-by-hole playoff will be conducted until one side wins a hole. Ties for 2nd or 3rd place will be broken by matching scorecards, as recommended by the USGA Rules of Golf*.

*Matching Scorecards – This procedure will first consider the best score for the last nine holes of the 2nd round (this nine will be the back nine of the course played). If the tying players have the same score for the last nine, the winner will be determined on the basis of the last six holes, the last three holes, and finally the 18th hole. Should the tie still remain undecided thereafter, a hole-by hole count-back from the 9th hole shall be used to determine the winner. If all 18-hole scores are identical then duplicate prizes will be awarded


The attention of all competitors in MCA events is called to Rules 6-8 (Discontinuance of Play) and 33-2d (Course Unplayable). Players have the right to stop play if they think lightning threatens them, even though the Committee may not have specifically authorized it by a signal. In order to protect players and spectators, the MCA requires all players to stop play immediately upon notification of a suspension due to a dangerous situation such as lightning.

Accordingly, the following Local Rule will be in effect at all MCA tournaments:

When play is suspended by the Committee for a dangerous situation, if the players in a match or group are between the play of two holes, they shall not resume play until the Committee has ordered a resumption of play. If they are in the process of playing a hole, they shall discontinue play immediately and not resume play until the Committee has ordered a resumption of play. If a player fails to discontinue play immediately, he is DISQUALIFIED unless circumstances warrant waiving the penalty as provided in Rule 33-7.

Penalty for breach of Local Rule stated above: DISQUALIFICATION

To avoid any unnecessary disqualifications – stop play immediately, mark your ball and seek the nearest shelter area! All practice areas shall be closed during suspension for a dangerous situation until the Committee has declared them open for use.

The MCA uses the following signals:

Discontinue play for a dangerous situation: One prolonged note of siren/horn.

All other types of suspensions: Three consecutive notes of siren/horn, repeated.

Resume play: Two short notes of siren/horn, repeated.


Players will be able to use USGA approved measuring devices during MCA events.  In using these devices, players can share distance information with fellow competitors and not violate any USGA or MCA tournament rules.  Sharing distance information is NOT considered giving advice.  Legal measuring devices should, again, be USGA approved and only measure yardage. If, during the stipulated round, a player uses a device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect play (e.g., gradient, wind speed, temperature, etc.) the player will be disqualified, regardless of whether any such additional function is actually used.  It is not practical to create a list of all the devices that might be legal.  In fact, the USGA does not publish such a list.  In general, GPS devices and range finders – provided each example only displays point to point distances without adjustment for any other factor – are going to be acceptable.  However, devices or applications that can be used on cell phones or tablets (like an iPad) are not legal.  The committee prohibits the use of any devices during a round that would allow a player to communicate with another player, parent, or coach.


The MCA takes great pride in the quality of its players and host facilities. In order to continue to develop and expand the outstanding relationship that the MCA has developed with their host facilities, competitors must adhere to the MCA Dress Code. Please note that the MCA Tournament staff has the right to deem other attire to be improper, even if it does not appear in this list.

MCA Dress Code Policy:

• The dress code must be observed by all players.

• Players in violation will not be allowed to tee off.

• Should a host facility have a stricter dress code, its policy will take precedence.

• Questionable attire will be reviewed by the onsite Tournament Committee.

• Proper attire is required at all times at the host facility.

Prohibited Attire:

• Tank tops and T-shirts.

• Shirts with offensive language or pictures.

• Golf shoes with metal golf spikes.

• Slacks or shorts with holes, tears and/or frayed ends.

• Denim shorts, short shorts, cut-off shorts, gym shorts or jeans.

Required Dress Code:

• Hats/visors must be worn with brim forward

• Collared shirts must be worn and tucked in at all times.

• Slacks and shorts must be hemmed at the bottom and NOT frayed.

• Spikeless/non-metal golf shoes or clean, appropriate tennis shoes.


It is a requirement of the MCA that all individuals participating in any MCA event wear “spikeless/non-metal” golf shoes. It is the sole responsibility of the MCA competitor to make sure that he complies with this condition of competition by wearing the appropriate conforming shoes while playing in the event. Any competitor found in violation of this policy after making a stroke from their first teeing ground will be disqualified from the event.


The use of pagers, mobile telephones, personal music systems and the like are strictly prohibited for use by participants in MCA events.  ANY participant found using the above devices during their stipulated round will be DISQUALIFIED.  Use is defined as powered on and/or able to receive communications.


Any male amateur golfer that is at least 18 years old as of July 21st, 2023.


This is a 2 day, 36 hole stroke play event.  Players will be paired according to handicap for the 1st round. Players will then be placed in flights according to 1st round scores. The number of flights will be determined based upon the number of entries received for the event.  There will be approximately 20-25 players per flight.  Only gross scores will be used within each flight.  There is no net division for this event.


The official entry deadline for this events is 5 days prior to the event.  However, if space allows, compeitors may be allowed to sign up late at the discretion of the tournament director.  All late entries will pay a $10 Late Fee.  There will be No Exceptions to this fee.  Late entry into events cannot be done online.  You must contact the MCA to request entry into the event.


As a courtesy to fellow competitors, and to assure that the event runs as smoothly as possible, all players are requested to check-in at the tournament Registration Desk upon arrival to the course. If no Registration Desk is available, please check in with the Starter. USGA Rule 6-3a provides: “The player shall start at the time established by the Committee.” The penalty for Breach of Rule 6-3 is DISQUALIFICATION. However, it is a condition of  MCA Conducted Competitions that if a player arrives at his/her starting point, ready to play, within five minutes after his/her starting time, in the absence of circumstances which warrant waiving the penalty of disqualification as provided in Rule 33-7, the penalty for failure to start on time is a Penalty of Two Strokes in  instead of disqualification.

If a player arrives after five minutes of his/her starting time, that player will NOT be permitted to play in the tournament.


Rule 6-7 of the USGA Rules of Golf states: “The player shall play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines which the Committee may establish. Between completion of a hole and playing from the next teeing ground, the player shall not unduly delay play.”

Note 1: If the player unduly delays play between holes, he is delaying the play of the next hole and the penalty applies to that hole.

Note 2: For the purpose of preventing slow play, the Committee may, in the condition of a competition (Rule 33-1) lay down pace of play guidelines including maximum periods of time allowed to complete a stipulated round, a hole or a stroke. In stroke play, the Committee modifies the penalty for a breach of this Rule as follows:

First offense – One stroke;

Second offense – Two strokes;

Any subsequent offense – Disqualification.

The first group to start will be considered out of position if, at any point in the round, the group is taking more than:

13 minutes to complete a par 3, 15 minutes to complete a par 4 and 17 minutes to complete a par 5.

Any following group will be considered out of position if the group:

1) Falls one hole behind and/or

2) Is taking more than the allotted time per hole to complete.

• Any group that fails to keep its position on the course will be alerted to the fact and requested to play at a faster pace.

• Monitoring will begin immediately and the time it takes each competitor to play each stroke will be recorded.

• Any competitor in a group out of position who takes more than 45 seconds to play a stroke on one occasion will be advised to that fact.

• If he/she exceeds the time limit on one more shot he/she will automatically incur a penalty of one stroke under Rule 6-7.

The timing of a competitor’s stroke will begin when he has had a reasonable opportunity to reach his ball, it is his turn to play and he could play without interference by another person or another ball.

Except on the putting green, if a competitor has reached his ball, it is his turn to play and there are no distractions he will be allowed a few seconds to select his club after which the timing will begin. Thus, any time spent in walking backward or forward for measuring purposes will count as time taken for the next stroke. On the putting green, the timing will begin after the competitor has been allowed a reasonable amount of time to lift and clean his ball, repair his ball mark and remove loose impediments on the line of putt. Undue delay may occur between strokes. Accordingly, a competitor will be subject to penalty under Rule 6-7, even if he plays each of his strokes in less than the time allowed. As part of his responsibilities each MCJGA official will be monitoring the Pace of Play of all groups. We sincerely request your cooperation. If all competitors will cooperate, each event will be a more pleasant experience for everyone.


Players will be able to take a golf cart, bring a caddie or walk and carry their own golf bag (or pull cart).  Cart fees are not included in the entry fee. Cart fees are $20 each day for players who choose to ride.


Practice rounds must be arranged with the host facility before the day of the event and are NOT included in any entry fees. All practice rounds are at the player’s expense.


The MCA may arrange for media coverage and publicity for all of our sanctioned tournaments. By their application, each entrant consents to references to themselves and their play in such publicity.

The cooperation of ALL players with authorized representatives of the media is required.


Competitors withdrawing from the event before the Closing Date will receive their entry fee minus $5.

The Closing Date for the event is 5 days prior to the day of the event. If a member withdraws from an event less than 5 days prior to the event, no refund will be issued.


Play will be governed by the 2019 USGA Rules of Golf as approved by the United States Golf Association and the Rules and Regulations of the MCA.  All questions shall be settled by the onsite MCA Committee, whose decision is final.  Competitors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the current USGA Rules of Golf and carry the Rules booklet in their golf bags at all times. Ignorance of the Rules is no excuse for breaking them. If you have any questions on the Rules, contact the USGA, your local PGA Golf Professional, or the MCA Tournament Director for assistance.


Contestants will be notified of their tee time(s) via email. Tee Times will also be posted on www.mchenrycountyam.com approximately three days prior to the event.

The MCA reserves the right to alter any of the schedules and conditions herein. The decision of the MCA Staff and/or on-site Committee, in any matter, shall be final.


The following procedures will apply and must be adhered to in all MCA conducted competitions:

• The MCA Starter will distribute an official MCA scorecard to all competitors.

• You will exchange score cards with fellow competitors in your group.

• Begin keeping score on the hole where you begin play;

• Keep up with the number of strokes of the player whose score you are keeping, as well as your own;

• Verify his score verbally at the completion of each hole before you write it down;

• Record his score, and your own score, in the proper places on the official MCA score card;

• Make sure all scores are correct and the card has been signed by both the player and the scorer.

• In stroke play, scorecards must be signed and attested in the official scoring area immediately following play in the presence of an MCA official.

When all scores have been posted on the official scoreboard and approved by the Committee, the results of the competition shall be deemed to have been announced and the competition officially closed.


Spectator carts are permitted at the discretion of the host facility.  Cart fees may apply.


In golf, customs of etiquette and decorum are just as important as the Rules that govern play. It is appropriate for spectators to applaud successful strokes, but in order to secure the spirit of the game, we ask ALL spectators to please adhere to the following guidelines:

(Please note that if any of the following guidelines are perceived as broken by a MCA official, the player may be subject to penalty. Please remember that spectating is a PRIVILEGE not a RIGHT.)

Spectators attend MCA events at their own risk.

  • Spectators must remain at least 50 feet from competitors at all times.
  • Spectators must remain in the rough or on the cart path at all times.  They are not permitted on tees, fairways, or greens.
  • Spectators are not permitted to give advice to competitors-i.e. yardage, wind direction, club selection, pin position, etc.  Advice (Rule 8) is any counsel or suggestion which could influence a player in determining his play, the choice of a club or the method of making a stroke. In addition, any conversation between player/spectator may be construed as advice.  In either instance, penalty for breach of this rule is two strokes. Players are responsible for the actions of their relatives and spectators in regards to this rule.

Keeping the above statement in mind, keep your conversation with the player to words of encouragement as long as advice is not given. Be supportive of all players in the group/event.

  • Spectators are not permitted to give rules advice under any circumstances.  Please seek an MCA rules official if the need arises. If a rules official is not around and a player is in doubt regarding a rules situation or has doubt as to procedure, the player may play a second ball under USGA Rule 3-3.
  • Spectators are not permitted to caddie for competitors.
  • Spectators are not permitted at the scorer’s table when a group is reviewing and signing scorecards.
  • Spectators are permitted and encouraged to assist in looking for errant shots of competitors.
  • Spectators are permitted and encouraged to applaud and/or congratulate good shots.
  • If a spectator has an issue with something they have witnessed on the course, bring it to the attention of someone on the MCA staff, not to the group or individual in question.
  • Spectators are allowed to carry medicine, drinks, food, umbrellas, etc. for competitors.

Please turn off all cell phones while on the course at an MCA event. Spectators in need of using a cell phone should proceed to the clubhouse area to conduct any phone call.

The MCA staff may assess a penalty based on the severity of the violation. If a serious breach has occurred, the spectator may be asked to leave the facility or the spectator may not be permitted to attend another MCA event.

For your personal safety, we ask spectators to exercise caution at all times. When inclement weather moves into the area, the MCA will suspend play by sounding airhorns/sirens. Accordingly, you should seek shelter immediately. The MCA staff will evacuate players from the course first, and then spectators.


Should severe weather or other circumstances beyond the control of the MCA or a host facility result in closure of the facility before or during a tournament, every effort will be made to reschedule the event.  Otherwise, competitors may obtain a rain check to play the host facility at a later date.  The host facility will be given a list of competitors.  It is the competitor’s responsibility to pick up the rain check at the host facility.  No refunds will be issued.

The MCA defines an 18-hole stipulated round as completed when the same (9) nine holes of golf have been completed by all participants in a particular flight. Individuals representing the host facility and/or the MCA have the authority to cancel or delay events due to weather conditions prior to the completion of (9) nine holes by all participants.

The safety of our competitors is our number one priority!


To register online, follow these easy steps below:

Go to www.mchenrycountyam.com and click on the Registration link.

Fill out all needed information including credit card information.

You should receive an email confirmation upon registration for the event.

Please feel free to e-mail the MCA with any further questions to mhpga1@gmail.com.



If it becomes necessary for a player to withdraw from a tournament that they have been accepted to play in, he or she must either:

Call  MCA Tournament Director Mike Haase at 815 353-3158 or

Email the MCA at mhpga1@gmail.com

In either case, competitors withdrawing from the event before the Closing Date will receive their entry fee minus $5.

The Closing Date for the event is 5 days prior to the day of the event. If a competitor withdraws from the event less than 5 days prior to the event, no refund will be issued.